Can you imagine losing your home to a fire and you find out that your home isn't properly insured? Yes, you have coverage for fire, but your $300,000 home is only insured for $150,000.

Many insurance companies with inferior rates will insure your home for less coverage, thus showing an affordable premium. They know that their cost per $1,000 of coverage is higher than their competitors, but lower premiums keep folks happy...until there's a big claim.

The Schuneman Agency represents insurance companies that offer the lowest premiums in the industry (based on cost per $1,000 of coverage). You can insure your dwelling properly and not worry about home rates that are out of control.

In addition to having appropriate coverage on your home, a good homeowners policy has many other factors that need to be considered.


Ask anyone who has had their basement flood and they will tell you the same thing; "Water in your home is a nightmare!"

A homeowners policy will have the option of purchasing a sewer backup/sump pump failure endorsement to cover your basement, but the policy does not cover water that seeps through your foundation cracks, comes through a window well, or comes through the front door. This is a flood!

If you are NOT in a flood zone, the rates are very affordable. In fact, the Schuneman Agency has processed many claims for folks who don't live in a flood zone, but who were smart enough to purchase flood insurance.

If you are in a flood zone and you have a mortgage on your property, your mortgage company may require you to purchase a policy. The rates can be expensive, but the Schuneman Agency will help you get a competitive quote from an excellent FEMA service provider.

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