The Beginnings...

The Schuneman Agency was founded in 1935 by Clayton Schuneman, a native of Sterling Illinois. Clayton had a vision of providing low cost insurance with an unparalleled level of customer service. The Agency follows this same strategy today. With more than 20 insurance companies to choose from, a customer can be assured that his/her policy will be “shopped around” to ensure that the premiums are always competitive.

Customers are bombarded with radio and television ads for many internet focused companies. Getting a quotation from these companies requires someone to enter all of their information into each company’s proprietary system. At the Schuneman Agency, you can enter your information ONCE, and you will receive the best quotation from up to 20 different companies.

Clayton Schuneman believed in the Independent Agency system. An agency should be able to provide choices to their clients. The Schuneman Agency not only provides choices, but rates that are usually lower than those you’ll find from the large internet companies. Last year, the top three largest internet auto insurance companies spent $1.5 billion in advertising. The Schuneman Agency has aligned itself with great insurance companies - insurance companies that would rather pass the savings on to their clients…and offer lower premiums.

Also, the Schuneman Agency only represents insurance companies with rock solid claims service. Customers can be assured that covered claims will be paid promptly, without hassle.

The Companies We Represent...

The Schuneman Agency represents over 20 insurance companies for auto, home, and business insurance. Our leading companies include The Hartford, AAA (formerly Chicago Motor Club), Auto Owners, Hanover, West Bend Mutual, Allied, Met Life, Rockford Mutual, Bradford Mutual, Belvidere Mutual, Forreston Mutual, Progressive, Pekin, State Auto, Selective, and Westfield. Historically, these companies have been some of the lowest cost providers of insurance in the Midwest. In addition, they offer comprehensive policies and outstanding local claims service.

For life insurance, The Schuneman Agency has access to nearly 100% of the companies in the industry. The agency uses a brokerage company that will instantly show the lowest price for the greatest amounts of coverage. These premiums are usually lower than anything that can be found on the internet, or anywhere.

For health insurance, the Agency realizes the chaotic state of the market. We will only align ourselves with companies committed to financial strength, rate stability and rock solid claims handling. For individual health insurance, we are a lead agency for Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois, but also offer plans from other carriers. For group health insurance, the plans offered depend on the regional location of the client. The Schuneman Agency also offers disability coverage through several different companies.

Buy Online, But Buy Local...

The Schuneman Agency allows customers to buy their insurance on line, or buy it local. If you don’t like human interaction, the agency can service your account through email, text messages, Twitter, or whatever you prefer. Some folks still like an agent to visit their home. Internet based insurance companies can't do that. The Schuneman Agency can. Our agents can sit at your kitchen table or take a walk through your home - if you want us to. We’ll ensure that your limits of coverage are adequate.

When you have a local agent, you have someone to help you when you have a claim - especially a devastating one.

If you buy your insurance from an out of town, internet only based insurance company, it’s easy for them to provide shoddy claims service. It’s easy to be rude through an email, or over a 1-800 phone number. What if you total your vehicle? You are at their mercy! You’ll have to cross your fingers and hope that their offer for your vehicle is fair.

However, if you are insured with the Schuneman Agency, your agent will make certain that you are treated with respect - and you receive the most money for your vehicle.

What if your home is destroyed in a fire? Would you like an adjuster who is based somewhere on the East Coast? Or, would you prefer an adjuster who lives in your community?

The Schuneman Agency only represents companies with LOCAL claims service.

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